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Benefits for Employees of Bell

At Bell, we strive to provide health, financial, personal, and professional offerings to enhance your career and life in and outside of work.

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Future Savings
The Textron U.S. Savings Plan (TSP) helps employees reach their retirement goals. Eligible U.S. employees can save a percentage of pay through convenient payroll deductions while benefiting from tax advantages. Textron will make contributions to eligible employees’ plan accounts that "match" a portion of the amount contributed.
Annual Increases

Annual Salary Reviews occur each year aligning with employee performance. You may be eligible to participate in Bell’s merit review program to recognize our employees who go above and beyond. Merit increases are based on performance.


For employees covered by union bargaining agreement, please refer to your respective collective bargaining agreement for general wage increase information.

Education Assistance

All U.S. full-time employees can receive up to $8,000/year for undergraduate and $10,000/year for graduate courses each calendar year to support continued education for you to further grow your skillsets.


There are additional tuition offerings for certification programs, such as CPA, A&P and more. In some of our global locations, tuition assistance may be available.


Full Medical Coverage
U.S. employees choose from several Health Plans that provide comprehensive health and wellness coverage that includes preventative care at no cost, discounted prescription drugs, fertility and adoption assistance, counseling sessions, virtual doctor visits, and more.
U.S. Health Savings Account (HSA) 
By setting aside pre-taxed funds into your HSA, you can use the money for qualified medical, dental, and vision expenses. If you are on the High Deductible plan, Textron will contribute additional funds.
U.S. Flexible Spending Account (FSA) 
You have the option to enroll in either a medical or dependent care FSA. A medical FSA is a pre-tax account that you can use to pay for eligible medical, dental and vision care expenses that aren't covered by your health plan. You can utilize a dependent care pre-tax FDA to pay for day care, childcare, nursery school, preschool, summer day camps, and adult day care.
Parental Leave
U.S. employees are eligible for 6 weeks paid parental leave during the first 12 months of the birth or placement of the child. Employees covered by a collective bargaining agreement are not eligible for paid parental leave.
Benefits for Growing Families  
Fertility treatments, adoption assistance, and additional maternity services (including counseling sessions) are available to support U.S. employees.

U.S. Bell employees accrue vacation time monthly depending on their years of service and employee type. Employees in our global locations have local vacation policies.
Paid Time Off / Sick Time  
Bell employees have personal or sick leave available to them in addition to vacation. Paid time off for sick differs based on the applicable policy or bargaining agreement.
Holiday Shut Down 
At the end of December, many United States locations have an extended holiday shutdown from Christmas to New Years each year allowing employees to recharge. This practice varies by location of role and our end of year commitments.
Work Life Dedication  
We offer 9x80 and 4x10 alternate work schedules with every Friday or every other Friday off, giving you a minimum of 26 extra days off per year. Schedules are based on location and/or team.
Personal and Professional Development

Mentorship Program 
Boundless is a mentorship program offered to all employees to encourage an uplifting partnership with a focus on development and relationship-building events across sites.
Global Growth Opportunities 
We are dedicated to growing and promoting our people. You can work in many different roles, functions, locations, and Textron’s business units throughout your career.
Training & Development Courses 
In-person and online through our in-house training team and a plethora of on-demand training courses are accessible to all employees. From 5-minute micro-learnings to weeklong classes, Bell offers the tools and resources you need to grow your career through professional development.
Community Outreach
We annually award more than $800,000 to local and national charities selected by a committee of employees. We invest in the communities where our employees live and work through donations and special events.
Charitable Giving
We support the organizations our employees are passionate about. Textron matches 100% of your charitable donations to eligible 501(c)3 institution up to $7,500 annually.
Employee Engagement

Dress for Your Day

Every day is different, so what you wear should be as well. Dress in jeans for a casual day at the office or on the shop floor. Wear something sharp for an important meeting with a customer or when VIP guests are onsite.


Employees working and visiting a production area are expected to conform to safety standards.

Employee Discounts
The online employee discount portal offers deals online or in the U.S. at over 30,000 name brand merchants plus travel, home, auto, and food discounts.

Modern Work Amenities



Certain locations in Fort Worth and Amarillo feature a variety of meal options in onsite cafeterias with a new menu released each week. Markets are found across DFW locations providing employees with accessible and convenient snacks and beverages.

Flight Line

In Amarillo and Piney Flats, you get up close and personal with the final stages of aircraft production and delivery, watching them take off from the flight lines.

Free Onsite Gym

Invest in your overall wellbeing by using an onsite gym for free in Piney Flats or Mirabel.

Gift Shop

Fort Worth and Amarillo have onsite gift shops, selling apparel and accessories to showcase your pride in Bell. No access to a physical storefront? Shop online at bellgiftshop.com. All employees receive a 25% discount on all merchandise.

Quiet Rooms

Each of our U.S. state-of-the-art facilities are equipped with quiet rooms reserved as a space of silence, privacy, and seclusion for your physical, mental, religious, or medical needs.

Wellness Clinic and Discount Pharmacy

Fort Worth has a Health and Wellness Medical facility and a full pharmacy, providing affordable, convenient, comprehensive, quality care on site for its employees and their dependents. Quick access to primary care, pharmacy, physical therapy, lab services, mental health services, wellness coaching and condition management are all available on site.
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